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MP Council Awards South Garfield Village Contract

  • By David Barron

By Tara Kwan

The Monterey Park City Council voted unanimously to award the South Garfield Village improvement contract to FS Contractors in the amount of $827,836 at the October 4th meeting. The company has been in business since 2002. Construction change orders and contingency of up to $84,784, 10% of the contract, was also approved and $100,000 from Measure R funds will be allocated to help pay for the project. 

The process for this project began on June 21, 2017 with the approved bid and specifications. The bid opened on September 7th and two bids were received in total with FS Contractors providing the lowest bid. It is anticipated that the project will start in early November and be completed between mid to late January. Construction will take place after rush hours to minimize the impact on traffic. The design features of this construction project include landscaped median islands, street tree replacement, mid-block crosswalk, bio-filtration planters, and a pedestrian hybrid beacon.
There will be a total of four separate landscaped median islands; each of the islands will be 10 feet wide. One of the islands will be 700 feet long and the remaining three islands will be 100 feet long each. They will feature a mixture of low-growth vegetation which will mainly consist of pink muhly and Munstead English lavender, drip-irrigation system, maintenance walk, and electrical conduit for future use.
Pink trumpet trees will replace the current ficus trees present on the street. It is a type of flowering tree with an open canopy which will not damage the sidewalk. There will also be decorative well grates placed around the trees. The sidewalk will also undergo repairs.
A new mid-block crosswalk with bulb-outs, formed by pushing the curb about six feet out into the roadway, will be constructed in front of the car wash to Harmony Tree. This will calm down traffic since it reduces the width of the street and allows pedestrians to navigate one traffic direction at a time.
Bio-filtration planters are the stormwater feature of the project and they will be constructed to catch runoff from stormwater to better fulfill the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements.
Last but not least, a pedestrian hybrid beacon or pedestrian signal will be installed to make it easier for people to cross the street. The beacon will remain dark until a pedestrian presses the walk signal.

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