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Solo Bike Path Proposed for Monterey Pass Road

  • By David Barron

A dedicated bicycle lane that will reduce Monterey Pass Road to one auto lane in each direction and provide an exclusive bicycle lane has been proposed by the City’s Public Works Department. The proposed project was approved by the City’s Traffic Commission, an advisory board to the City Council.

At a board meeting on June 21, opposition to the proposed bicycle lane was expressed by numerous business owners on Monterey Pass Road.
The proposed arrangement for the historic canyon road would include one lane for parking, one bicycle lane and one lane for cars and trucks.
Currently, the Monterey Pass Road business community stretching from Garvey Avenue to Floral Drive is mosly warehousing. However, the new businesses there are changing the appearance to more sales offices and various business offices.
Regular truck traffic picks-up and delivers products to the warehouses in the area. They sometimes block traffic on the street while backing up into loading docks.
HIstorically, the properties around Monterey Pass Road have consisted of various manufacturing and industrial uses. Currently, the zoning is intended to emphasize technology-oriented buinessses that the city wants to attract in the corridor.
“These types of businesses provide job opportunities to skilled workers and minimize adverse environment conditions such as heavy trucking and excessive noise,” according to the city staff report.
Traffic Commissioner Paul Perez was the lone commissioner voting against the proposal.
He said “ Don’t incovenience the majoirty within that sector for the benefits of a few. Take into consideration of the business people within that sector of the travelway.
‘If you want bike paths, don’t sacrifice an existing travel lane," he said.
He said he supports bicycle lanes but would prefer the city first complete the east-west routes.
Funding for the what is called the Monterey Park Bik Corridor Project would come from a $331,000 grant obrtained through the MTA’s Express Lanes Net Toll Reinvestment grant program. The grant is intended to pay for the construction of the proposed initial phase of the Monterey Park Bicycle Master Plan.

As part of a Monterey Pass beautification plan, the plans to under ground utilities in the future. The proposal Bicycle Plan will now go to the city council for approval. 

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