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Garvey Students Complete First Year of Computer Immersion

  • By David Barron

Nearly 2,000 students at four schools ranging from kindergarten to higher grades in the Garvey School District just completed the first year of a computer science immersion program that gave the students the basics of coding for computor programs. At a gatherng last week, school officials led by Superintendent Anita Chu proudly reported the successful results from the first year of computer immersion at Bitley, Dewey, Hillcrest and Rice elementary schools.

The program is a parnership with Code to the Future, a private organization. Everyone of the students received a laptop computer to practice with during school year.

Nearly 300 parents and school board members and local city officials looked on as children in the program spoke and demonstrated what they had learned in the past year. The keynote presentation involved computer science leaders Jennifer Diaz, Justin Sied, Shelly Torres and Isabella Vasques. Other students staffed information tables which illustrated some of the computer projects.

One parent in the audience, Claudia Weight expressed pleasure that her daughter, at student at Hillcrest School, participated and commented that her grades had improved during the year.

The Garvey School District serves pupils in Rosemead, San Gabriel, Monterey Park and South San Gabriel. 

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