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Restaurants: Check Out Moffetts Chicken Pies

  • By Kyle Chang

By Kyle Chang
I recently went to Moffett’s Family Restaurant in Arcadia, located at 1409 Baldwin Ave. in Arcadia. It been open since 1975. I saw some reviews on Yelp saying that the food was only ok. My experience though and my thoughts of Moffett’s are actually very positive.
The restaurant is typical of most diners and coffee shops in America. These restaurants are now harder to find in the San Gabriel Valley area because of so many Asian immigrants and Asian restaurants.

To me it kind of reminded me Cracker Barrel, a chain of restaurants found typically found in the Deep South (although you can find Cracker Barrel cheese and crackers at your local
Even the Manager commented that it is reminiscent of Cracker Barrel (but better in her opinion).
The wait staff is very friendly and accommodating. I ordered the Beef Pot Pie while My companion ordered the BBQ Beef Sandwich meal. The Beef Pot Pie was covered in gravy and, was actually really good. My companion had so much to eat that he had to get a to-go box. In addition, he also bought two signature Chicken Pot Pies to cook for dinner..
They even have a decent selection and reasonably priced fruit pies such as Apple, Boysenberry, Pumpkin and Rhubarb. This is another feature that I liked. You can order beef or chicken pot pies to go and cook them up at a later date as well.
I would highly recommend Moffett’s Family Restaurant for anyone going through Arcadia on the way to or coming from the Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Mall or the famous Santa Anita Race Track.
The food is reasonably priced and you can order Pot Pies a-la Carte. It also is a bit of Americana that is starting to die off at least in the San Gabriel Valley. Also, it is place where you can still get good old fashion comfort food.
P.S. Our sumptuous meal for two cost us less than $22 with a drink.

Editor's Note: Kyle Chang is a contributor to the Journal. If you wish to contribute restaurant reviews email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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