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VALENTINE'S DAY: Why Celebrate it?

  • By Steven Klein

By Steven Klein

Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, was celebrated on February 14th. It is a holiday in which couples express their love or friendship for each other. In the United States, the custom has been extended to include practically anyone else whom a person wishes to express their love for - a parent, grandparent, or other relative or friend.

 it is typically an event in which flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and cards are exchanged. School children Valentoften exchange small Valentines in their classrooms, sometimes including little boxes of multi-colored candy that contain cute phrases such as “Be Mine.” Along with the Valentine-shaped heart, many cards also contain another icon of Valentine’s Day, the image of the Cupid, with his bow and arrow, ready to inspire romantic love.

On this day, it is common to take one’s spouse, or significant other, or mother, out to a special Valentine’s Day dinner. It is a day when many marriage proposals are made, and many weddings take place. Courthouses are packed with couples who have waited to have their marriage ceremonies performed on Valentine’s Day, as are many churches.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various ways across the globe, where it may be tied in with local customs, or not at all in some countries where the holiday is outright banned. Though widely celebrated, with hundreds of millions of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged, it is not an official holiday anywhere. In this writer’s opinion, I consider it wonderful that we have a special day to express love and friendship to a special person in our lives.

Writing this article make me think about my own wonderful wife and how we met. No, we didn’t meet on Valentine’s Day, but we met about a month later, in March 2005, in an elevator car, #4, at 3303 Wilshire Blvd, in Los Angeles. We worked in the same building, but for different employers.

So, love can strike anywhere. There is an old expression “You don’t find love - love finds you.” I am grateful that Cupid was present in that elevator some 12 years ago.
Editor's Note: Steven Klein is a local resident and new contributor to the Journal.

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